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Auto Insurance | Motorcycle Insurance

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Auto Insurance | Motorcycle Insurance

Karstens Financial spends the time to compare your auto insurance with a variety of carriers. You will find that we not only find the best rate, but the protection you seek for your car and family.  Plus, we will consistently keep your rates low year over year.  We are not tied to carriers like State Farm, Allstate, or Country.  Our clients are our primarily customer not the companies we represent. 

Discounts and bundling: Many insurance providers offer premium discounts for policyholders who have clean driving records, special training, zero accidents, multiple cars, and more. Still, others offer discounts when you bundle your auto insurance with additional policies, such as homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. We know where to go to get the deals. 

Replacement Cost or Stated Value: Everyone know your car depreciates as soon as you walk off the lot.  The first 3 years are the most important.  We have programs with our carriers to make sure you get full 100% replacement cost of your car.  Imagine buying a new car for $75,000 and not getting the full $75,000 back one year after you buy it! 

Claim help and handling:  As an insurance agent we can give you advice on claims and your coverage.  Will you get that with Geico, Esurance, Progressive Direct, The General? The answer is no. You pay for coverage to be there when you need it.  Do you know all the details as it relates to your auto insurance?  Work with the Pros who know!  Imagine having someone hit you and not having anyone to call on for advice.  Worse, imagine hitting someone else and not having a friendly agent there to help!