An Interactive Discussion where we listen and record what is really important to you.  Essential Information will be gathered to clarity your financial objectives and what you feel would Make Life Better for You!

We wanted you to see the Detail of how we work on our first step of the financial planning process, this can be the hard part! 

We need to figure out where you are at right now! You would not want a doctor doing a check out without your past health history. This of this as something similar! We need to get to know what you have! This is our hardest stage! So lets get at it!

  1. Karstens Financial Check List!  The main reason for this is that we all need to find out what exactly you have, right now. We will also find out areas that you might need help with. Think of me as your financial guide. My goal is to make your financial picture clearer and make sure nothing is missing at this point in your life.
  2. Karstens Expense Worksheet (On Website) This is the snapshot of your financial life as it is today. Monthly how are you doing or do we need to set a better budget. This is a great time for your to reflect on you!
  3. This is a very important part. We need to find out your feelings, thoughts, what you value and the relationships you might already have in place. This is the last step and I think it helps if we do this one together! This is the Cares Confidential Client Information Organizer.  Let me know your schedule and we will work through this over the phone.

If you made it to this next step, congrats! You are a rock star client and I better now step up and be a rock star advisor. Our next step is Analysis, this is the planning services we discussed in our initial email and conversation. We can schedule this after we finish step 1, 2 and 3!

Jake Karstens is an Investment Advisor Representative of Interactive Financial Advisors. Karstens Financial and Interactive Financial Advisors are both independently owned and operated.