Cares Process-Start Here

Please take some time to review the documents here and a little more about us and our firm!

We have a defined process; we will work through to help you and your financial assets grow.  We call this the CARES Process

1. If you take time to review the Cares Process Slide.  We can go through a short call on the types of things I can help you with and setting up our relationship for success. 
you also might want to try out our Cares Score.  This is a self evaluation that will help us with the process.      

2.Take some time to review the Interactive Financial Advisors(IFA)- client relationship summary (PDF on Cares Proceess Website) and let me know if you have any further questions on me or my firm. Attached is a link to the SEC website.  On page 11 it details the cost associated with our accounts.  We can get into further detail when we meet but you will be paying the highest charge shown. You might want to review our back office and their website.     

3 I also attached a little more about me here and the insurance half of my business in the ADV Part 2B (PDF on Cares Process Website).  Finally, included is my license information with FIRNA   I have been in business since 2002 and I also own our insurance agency.

4. To aid in your confidence as we work through this process, our accounts are set up through ETrade Advisors and you would have account access there and your investments are be held and traded there. You have the ability to check your account online and we offer some of the best technology through both ETrade and IFA.   

5. On the Financial Planning agreement (PDF on Care Process Website), feel free to take a look at the Description of Financial Planning Services(Exhibit A).  Think about what type of services you would like me to work with you on. 

6. Take our CARES SCORE Self Evaluation survey next step.   


Once we have come to an agreement on the scope of our relationship, we can move onto the next step. That is Discovery.  Feel free to check out our Discovery Page

In legal terms, a fiduciary is an individual or organization that has taken on the responsibility of acting on behalf of another person or entity with utmost honesty and integrity. For example, bankers, attorneys and officers of public companies are all fiduciaries, meaning they must act in the best interest of their customers, clients or shareholders. If they don’t, they are legally liable. Similarly in the investment world, fiduciary financial advisors manage client assets with the clients’ best financial interests in mind. Therefore, be sure to limit your search for a financial advisor to only 

What is a Fiduciary?

The term “fiduciary” is a good word to hear when you’re searching for a financial advisor. An advisor that calls themselves a fiduciary seeks to minimize conflicts of interest, be transparent and live up to the trust placed in them. Fiduciary financial advisors must:

  • Put their clients’ best interests before their own, seeking the best prices and terms.
  • Act in good faith and provide all relevant facts to clients.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts of interest to clients.
  • Do their best to ensure the advice they provide is accurate and thorough.
  • Avoid using a client’s assets to benefit themselves, such as purchasing securities for their own account before buying them for a client.
Yes we are Fiduciaries!

Jake Karstens is an Investment Advisor Representative of Interactive Financial Advisors. Karstens Financial and Interactive Financial Advisors are both independently owned and operated.