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 Karstens Financial's goal is to provide quality information to our clients so that they can make informed decisions regarding insurance and financial goals.

Are you trying to determine what is the best coverage for you or your business? If so, Karstens Financial can provide quotes and clearly explain the difference in coverage so that the decision process easier. 

Have you thought of how to secure your business finances so that it will survive for decades to come? Don't worry if you haven't, Karstens Financial provides planning services so you can enjoy the present and not have to worry about your company's future. 
We offer complimentary Insurance review because Karstens Financial wants to help its clients understand their options for insurance policies and financial plans. This review is performed by a licensed practitioner in a comfortable sit down setting. We will review your current situation – family, business, finances, property, and long-term plans and goals. 

That information will be used to identify risks you may not have considered. We will help you identify goals and evaluate your current plans to save and invest for a protected future. 

Every minute counts…Your security equals peace of mind. ​ business insurance travel insurance

About Karstens Financial

 Karstens Financial was established by Dennis J. Karstens, better known as Jake. He commenced his professional career in 1998 as an intern and in 2002 as Regional Sales Representative for Deutsche Bank.  At Deutsche bank he grew professionally obtaining licenses and learning about products including mutual funds, managed accounts, annuities, and retirement plans. 


In 2006, Jake Karstens joined the team at Managers Investment Group, where he initially functioned as a Regional Sales Representative. Dennis Karstens’ performance led to several promotions including Senior Regional Sale Rep and then Regional Director covering the central region of the country.

Starting in late 2008, Jake channeled his experience into a position as an independent insurance broker and financial advisor. He has grown his practice year by year primarily through referrals from existing clients. He helps each client with their individual insurance and financial situation. He has truly found his calling in helping people with their financial goals.

Jake Karstens joined Interactive Financial Advisors to offer financial planning and money management to his clients. Jake offers financial planning as a complimentary service to his clients. He wants to help clients understand their insurance policies, financial plans, and most importantly, their options.

Meeting with Jake simply means sitting down and reviewing your current situation – family, business, finances, property, and long-term plans. He will then use this information to identify a process to achieve your goals.

Build Our Relationship


Enjoy the personalized attention you deserve! Karstens Financial is committed to treating you with courtesy and integrity.  We are realistic, honest and will work hard to give the very best advice and help you achieve results you want. 

What does this means to you? Karstens Financial works with a number of difference insurance companies not just one! Why get one quote when you are searching for coverage, when we can provide multiple! For instance, we work directly with over 12 different auto and home insurance carriers to find the best coverage and cost to meet your needs. Unlike directly sold insurance carriers (State Farm, Allstate, Farmers) will price out all of our carriers to find the best cost and coverage.  When you think of insurance, think of Karstens Financial! Our goal is to make sure you have the answers you need to make proper informed decisions about your insurance.  

Karstens Financial offers an Insurance and Finance review as a complimentary service because we want you to clearly understand your insurance policies, your plans, and most importantly your options. This is a meeting where you and one of our team members sits down to review your current situation – family, business, finances, property, and long-term plans and goals. We use this information to identify risks you may not have considered and we look for any discount opportunities. We identify your goals and evaluate your current plans

Every minute counts…Don’t find out the hard way about protection you wish you had. An Insurance Review is easy and it’s complimentary. ​​

Our Team

D. Jake Karstens

 Jake attended Rollins College in Florida, graduating with a degree in Economics in 2002. He continued his education with coursework in financial planning at DePaul which he completed in 2004.  He holds currently holds 6 insurance and financial licenses, including his Series 65. Time is important in financial planning. Don’t find out the hard way about protection you wish you had or money you wish you would have put away. “He who hesitates is lost.  Life is meant to be Led, Live it!"  Jake loves to sail, spends time in Florida, Texas and Chicago.

Rosie Cappetta

 Rosie Graduated from the University of Maryland in 2015.  She is our Wearer of many hats.  Native-like fluency in Spanish,French and English. Natural writer, performer, and teacher. Experienced in service and sales and marketing. Caffeine addict and eco-nerd.  

Eina Karstens

In 2016, Eina Karstens joined Karstens Financial after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Angelo State University. She enjoys a team that has passion and drive for selling insurance. In addition, Eina has made insurance life long career.  She is excellent at helping small businesses with their insurance policies and individuals with their auto and home needs. 


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