As a contractor, you have a lot to juggle, contracts, multiple jobs, lots of different hats, insurance certificates, bonds, sales. Knowing that you have the right coverage your business needs, from your tools and crew to the very work you perform will help you keep all the balls in the air.  Karstens Financial understands Your complex needs, which is why we developed a special contractors insurance program. From property damage to tools to contractor liability insurance, this mix of policies, endorsements and services gives your business the protection it really needs.

Workers’ compensation

In the event an employee suffers an injury or disease arising in the course and the scope of their employment, regardless of negligence on your part. (Available for purchase as a separate policy.)

Completed operations coverage

For third-party claims alleging bodily injury and/or property damage caused by your business’s completed work.

Contractors Errors or Omissions

If the work you perform was done incorrectly or negligently. (Available for purchase as an additional coverage.)

Contractor liability coverage

In case a third party alleges bodily harm, injury or property damage caused by your negligence.

Damage to others’ property in your care

In case an accident causes damage to someone else’s property that’s in your care, custody or control. (Available for purchase on select policies.)

Business auto

To protect you, your drivers and your business in many important ways. (Available for purchase as a separate policy.)

Coverage for property losses

For things like vandalism to your business, fire damage to your equipment and more.

Contractors tool/equipment coverage

For tools stolen from your building, at a job site or somewhere else. (Available for purchase as an additional coverage.)

Builders risk and installation coverage

For the materials, fixtures and/or equipment you’re using at a job site during the course of the construction or renovation. (Available for purchase as an additional coverage.)

Contract Bonds

Worker’s Compensation Bonds

License & Permit Bonds

Performance Bonds


What is your worst fear as a Contractor?

For any small business, sometimes our worst fears come true...let Karstens Financial help Anchor your Future