Jake Karstens- Founder

Meet Our Founder Jake Karstens


How did Karstens Financial Get its start? 


Karstens Financial was established by Jake Karstens in 2009. Jake commenced his professional carrier in 1998 as an intern and in 2002 as a Regional Sales Representative for Deutsche Bank. At Deutsche Bank he grew professionally obtaining licenses and learning about products including mutual funds, managed accounts, annuities, and retirement plans.


In 2006, Jake joined the team at Managers Investment Group, where he initially functioned as a Regional Sales Representative. Jake’s performance led to several promotions including Regional Sales Directors covering the central regional of the country.  After the market crash of 2008, Jake decided to focus his talent on individual and business clients by starting his own practice and from this Karstens Financial was born.


Jake Karstens joined Interactive Financial Advisors in 2012 to offer financial planning and money management to his clients. Jake offers business consulting & financial planning as a complimentary service to his clients. He wants to help clients understand their insurance policies, financial plans, and most importantly, their options. 

Meeting with Jake simply means sitting down and reviewing your current situation – family, business, finances, property, and long-term plans. He will then use this information to identify a process to achieve your goals.