Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors and Property Managers Work With Us!

Captive Agents-

We all get leads we cannot work!  Let us take them off your hands and earn rewards, lunches, or our own referrals back!

Real Estate Agent Mortgage Broker Partnership- 

Every homeowner needs insurance, and most new homeowners need mortgages. That’s why we’ve developed this program to partner with mortgage brokers to help grow your business while we grow ours. 

There are a few ways to partner with Karstens Financial as a mortgage broker: 

Hard Money Lender and business Loans-

We work in the hard money space and with business loans.  If you do not, send us the referral and we can help!

Financial Planning-

Jake Karstens is a financial advisor, he can work with clients anywhere in the country.  If your client need financial planning, this can be added as a free service to what you do. 

What’s in it for you?

Free Gift Cards for your referrals and a partner that know how to get deals done for you! * Some States this may not be available*  

We can work with you as our referral sources to find the best way to reward you for working with us. 

Why work with Karstens Financial? Here are just a few reasons:

  • We work with many different insurance carriers to help your client get the best pricing.
  • You or your clients can run instant, bindable quotes on our website 24 hours a day
  • Fill out a short form, and we’ll run several full quotes within 10 minutes – no calls or emails required! (Business hours only)
  • Chat with us via Facebook messenger through out website and get a response in minutes.
  • Your clients can manage all of their policies from their phones, work with an agent who answer their phone
  • Multiple product offerings that you may not offer, Retirement Planning, Hard Money Real Estate Lending, Wholesale Insurance offerings, Business Loans.  We see a referral partner is an extension of your own business. 

 One Simple Website Based Lead Form.  It allows us to count the leads you send to us and keep track of your referral counts, call referrals immediately, so we can send you rewards.  Get your Individual lead form today!

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